Queer Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

By Caitie White

Are you after some positive queer representation in your media? Do you have a Netflix subscription and time to kill? Well, here are some of my good, queer, binge worthy, recommendations. All these programs include recurring, or main cast queer characters, who do not die.

b99 cover
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (tv show) – Netflix has four seasons.

Odds are you already know and love Brooklyn Nine Nine. If that’s the case might I suggest watching it again, and again. This is honestly the best show on the air at the moment. It’s hilarious, heart-warming, and has an amazing cast. It tackles important issues now and then but is for the most part just a good fun thing.

Lucifer (tv show) – Netflix has two seasons.

The Devil escapes hell and opens a nightclub on Earth, then happens to meet a cool detective and starts solving crimes. Yes, this show has exactly everything you need. It is very cheesy but oh god do I love cheese. If you’re after a not so serious monster of the week show give Lucifer a go!

please like me
Please Like Me (tv show) – Netflix has four seasons.

An Australian dramedy, which might not be on American Netflix. Please Like Me is about a guy called Josh and is loosely autobiographical. I guess most people would label it as ‘Quirky’ but this show has some seriously clever writing and will take you on an emotional journey. It’s a very sweet show, but please be aware it deals with themes of mental illness and suicide.

princess cyd
Princess Cyd (film)

A little indie movie I watched on a whim. It’s a story about growing up and figuring things out. Another warning here for implied sexual violence; nothing happens on screen but there is a scene where a character is hurt. Otherwise, this film portrays quite a beautiful story of a young queer girl falling in love for the first time.

grace and frankie
Grace and Frankie (tv show) – Netflix original, has four seasons

Two older ladies who don’t really get along are forced to live together after their husbands come out as gay. Their husbands have also been having an affair for several years. The premise might sound sort of off, but I wouldn’t have put Grace and Frankie on this list if it wasn’t a great show!

orphan black
Orphan Black (tv show) – Netflix has five seasons.

A woman sees her double jump in front of a train and then assumes her identity. It’s a global clone conspiracy. Orphan Black is a thrilling transhumanist drama with the worlds best split screen editing. It’s much darker than my other recommendations but oh so good – and has its funnier light-hearted moments.



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